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This website documents the photography of Alex Myers from 2000 - 2006, using digital images (mostly jpeg format) to represent work conducted with 35 mm film and early digital cameras. Images are either scanned using a flatbed optical scanner or were processed as JPEG and RAW output from a D70 Nikon camera. The subjects are musicians and bands, with images bulking around the Old 97's, the Mountain Goats, and live shows in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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About my photography and this web site:

Many of my earlier photographs on this site were taken with my rock solid Nikon N70, a spectacular camera for concert photography and for all skill levels. In December of 2004, I started shooting almost full time with a digital SLR, the Nikon D70. Many of my current works reflect an ongoing interest in low light photography (working without flash) and in learning how to get the results I seek from this new camera and my new lenses (I am currently saving up for a fisheye zoom and would happily take any donations towards the cause). I love to experiment and most of the photographs on this site are the result of combining my love for live music with a desire to convey the beauty and talent of these musicians.

This website has and will change slightly over time as I add new shows, new tricks, and new bands. All material and content is copyright Alex Myers 2000-2006. Please do not reproduce without permission. That's the reason I watermarked them. If any of these images interest you for use in published materials, please contact me. I used to be based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but now I'm back in Austin, Texas. If you would like photographs taken of your band or at your club or for your magazine, let me know. Thanks for visiting!

     Contact riselikelions AT gmail DOT com

All HTML content and images copyright Alex Myers 2000-2006, except where noted. Why yes, I do code HTML by hand and will do so until a copy of Dreamweaver lands on my harddrive. Thank you!