May 2001
Three(!) Old 97's shows in One Week.
Photos by Alex Myers.

NOTE: I did not bring my Nikon to San Francisco. It wouldn't have done me any good at Slim's anyhow, because the club has way too many poles. Maybe it's for the earthquakes, maybe it's for the drunks, but I could never see all four guys at the same time. Someone was ALWAYS behind a support column. So I took a few shots with my tourist APS camera and called it a night. Fun story about Grey and Murry below.

I totally forgot to take any pictures at the Amoeba instore.

They played a few songs at Amoeba and quickly made tracks for the KFOG outdoors show. The venue was really a stage set up at the front of two huge piers by the Bay Bridge. The number of people jammed onto these piers was stunning. It was as if the people of San Francisco had never seen a free fireworks show before. Public transportation was insane with the added fun of a game at the new baseball stadium. My friend and I shoved/stumbled our way across a sea of blankets to reach the stage. The show was free and everyone had decided to stake out little patches of BeachBlanket Turf. The only room to stand was literally between the gaps in blankets and folding chairs. Again with the lack of motivation to take photos. But I did manage to get a few of Rhett jumping in the air. The only bad thing is that dark pants, dark shoes, and dark monitors on a cloudy day make for dark photos.  The first photo (and the cropped close up) was taken with my friend's camera.


The cute Murry and Grey story? Well, they were engaged or very heavily dating (was there ever a difference?) and he was all lonesome in San Francisco. He had to leave her behind in L.A. for this mini tour. When I got to Slim's, Ken quickly informed me that Murry was on the phone with Grey and would be on the phone until showtime. Period, the end. But I saw him wander past me on a cordless and he mumbled something about how she was having an okay time but missed him too. Lights go down, band goes up, and I realize I am standing behind about three rows of people. As Murry greases up his guitar, he scans the audience to check for friends (just watch, he almost always does this, it's cute). His eyes land right in front of me, on the gorgeous brunette standing one row up. He does the most adorable cartoon double-take before throwing his guitar over his shoulder and *bounding* down into the audience. In his haste, he almost smacked the neck off his base (must lift above head, note the low sprinkler system), but a last minute save quickly landed him in the arms of his lovely Grey. They actually made out for a few seconds before Rhett gently cleared his throat in the microphone. Murry suddenly realized that he was in the audience and we were all *very* curious. Shaking his head, he jumped back on stage and said something like "I MADE OUT WITH A GIRL!!!!" before introducing Grey. We cheered and Ken quickly launched into lead before Murry could wander off again.

Had enough? Take me back to the Rhett photos, dammit.